A "Four Point Inspection" focuses only on four main areas of interest in a home, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), Electrical wiring and panels, Plumbing connections and fixtures, Roof Integrity.

4 - Point Inspections

A Four-Point Inspection is often required when obtaining a new homeowners insurance policy or renewing an existing policy. A home over 30 years old is required to have a Four-Point Inspection . The Four-Point Inspection is a limited scope evaluation of the following four systems:

  • Roofing
  • Electrical
  • Heating-Air Conditioning
  • Plumbing
The purpose of this inspection is to determine the approximate age, materials or systems used, general condition and remaining life of these systems.

Note: this type of insurance inspection is not the same as a "standard home inspection" which is more comprehensive in regards to both detail and scope.

Four-Point Inspection

4 Point Examples

  • roofing


  • electrical


  • HVAC

  • Plumbing