• Angel Eyes Inspection

    Commercial & Residential Inspections by Professionals.

  • Four Point Inspections

    HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Roof Integrity.

  • Windstorm Mitigation Inspection

    The way to reduce insurance rates is to have a safer home.

Commercial & Residential Inspections by Professionals.

We are a leader of commercial and residential inspections, and can help assure that you have adequate protection for your greatest assets, your home and your family. A thorough and comprehensive inspection can identify current and potential issues to your home.

Based on our findings, we can recommend solutions to remedy these situations BEFORE they become a crisis. We will find and report all deficiencies in the current condition of your home.


Your inspection report will likely fall into one of the following categories:

  • Safety Hazard

    An unsafe condition such as a broken window or exposed electric panel.

  • Major Cost

    A large impending expense such as roof covering which needs replacement.

  • Material Defect

    Some aged or flawed components such as solid-strand aluminum electrical wiring.

  • Critical Repair

    Finding issues that can lead to a major cost such as a roof leak.

Angel Eyes Inspections Team

Chris Guarino

For nearly 30 years, Chris has used his skills and credentials to perform the most accurate and reliable inspections in Tri-County area of South Florida. His experience in the construction industry has provided a savvy insight in local building methods and standards.

Marie Sacco

Marie Sacco was born in Brooklyn, NY and moved to Florida in 1990. As co-owner of Angel Eyes Inspections, LLC., Marie has over 5 years experience in the inspection industry and has a sharp eye for identifying home inspection deficiencies. Together, they make a very detailed and professional team.

Insurance Services

Accurate and consistent reporting of wind resistant construction features help to keep your insurance costs down. Here are some common trip-points we avoid:
  • Not contacting city / county building departments to verify the re-roof permit number and application
  • Failure to obtain clear and precise photographs (in particular your attic) of all checks
  • Incorrect verification of roof deck attachment
  • Failure to verify hurricane rating of skylights
  • Incorrect verification of wall attachments and nail patterns.